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Re: User-Agent: Mozilla/2.0 and Mozilla/5.0 (compatible

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 10 2007 - 14:09:39 GMT
On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 05:15:27AM -0800, James wrote:
> Good morning again!
> I have another question.  I am pretty sure someone on this discussion list
> has some knowledge about User-Agents (bots in particular) that seem to use
> Mozilla/2.0 or Mozilla/5.0.  For instance, Ask seems to use Mozilla/2.0 and
> Google seems to use Mozilla/5.0.  Do you know what this means?  Are they
> somehow running their spider through Mozilla?  Do they have Mozilla
> installed on their server to do this somehow?  Are there advantages to
> this?  I wondered if the Swish-e spider could be enhanced by doing this.
> For instance, maybe this would solve the UTF-8 issue?  Maybe it would solve
> other issues too.  I am speaking out of "ignorance" because this aspect of
> Google and Ask are not known to me.  Perhaps someone could help out in this
> area.  Bill?

Ask and Google actually use swish-e for all their spidering and
indexing and don't want anyone to know, so they change the user agent

> Thanks for your time!

No problem.

Bill Moseley

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