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From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 19 2006 - 21:09:17 GMT
On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 12:54:38PM -0800, James wrote:
> RE: This is an example of limiting by site:
> I am not clear what is the example.  Perhaps you could perform a search and
> copy one of the result links to the list discussion so that I can click on
> it and see what you mean.

It's an example of searching multiple sites.

It uses this in the swish config file:

    ExtractPath site regex "!^*$!httpd docs1!"
    ExtractPath site regex "!^*$!httpd docs2!"
    ExtractPath site regex "!^http:/([^.]+).+$!$1!"

The .swishcgi.conf file contains this to make use of that extracted
host name:

    my @sites = qw/httpd docs1 docs2 java www apr james/;


    select_by_meta  => {
            method      => 'checkbox_group',
            columns     => 3,
            metaname    => 'site',
            values      => \@sites,
            labels      => \%labels,
            description => 'Limit search to: ',

that select_by_meta is an option of swish.cgi -- and is somewhat
explained in the config section of the script.

But, that's just one way to do it -- I would frankly write my own user
interface and not use that script (I'd rather use a script that was
customized for my needs.)

> I was reading
> and
> trying to make sense of it in light of my question / this issue.  Could you
> or Peter point me to the documentation more explicitly?

That just applies a regex to the document's "path" and the captured
part is placed in a metaname for that document.

Bill Moseley

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