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Re: Indexing protected area

From: Lesley Walker <lesley.walker(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 05:15:33 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> It's shown the first line in the first section of the spider docs. ;)

That's the synopsis, for reminding people who know what they're doing. I
skimmed it, but as a newbie it made no sense so I went on to the proper
explanation. (of course the synopsis makes more sense now :)

> Are you going to include a description from the document in search
> results?  Kind of defeats the purpose of password protected if you can
> get to it from the search index.

The idea is to put the search button in the protected area too. Each one is
quite self-contained and there's no need to be able to find any of the
contents from the main unprotected area.  I haven't yet got as far as
thinking about what the search results might look like - that might be
tomorrow's task as it's time to go home. :-)

> Is that so you can limit searches to specific areas?


> There's a little extra overhead searching multiple indexes, but for
> small number of records it won't make much difference.

We'd probably survive that. The indexing needn't be very frequent at all,
they're fairly static as far as I can see.

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