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From: Michael Marcotte <mick_marcotte(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 14 2006 - 17:05:17 GMT
Hi,=0A=0A=0AI'm french and according to the law in Qu=E9bec, we need to use=
 french programs in this province. I'm trying to get the swish.cgi template=
 in frech, but i'm a little bit lost in the configuration file. I want to k=
now if I only need to edit one file, to get =0A=0A                Limit sea=
rch to, Title ... change.=0A=0A=0ASpecial thanks to Swish-e's team for your=
 great program!=0A=0A=0Amichael=0A=0A=0A=0A________________________________=
__________________=0ADo You Yahoo!?=0AEn finir avec le spam? Yahoo! Courrie=
l vous offre la meilleure protection possible contre les messages non nolli=
cit=E9s =0A Yahoo! Courriel  

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