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Swish-e on IIS with ActiveState perl

From: max thom stahl <mstahl(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 21:13:58 GMT
I've wasted way too much time on this now. Time to ask for some help.

Here's my setup:
* ActiveState Perl 5.8.8
* Swish-e 2.4.4
* Microsoft Windows XP (test) and IIS (production)

I can get neither of these working and I've tried pretty much everything 
I can find in the discussion on this list. This after it was so 
trivially easy to get it running with the perl module and Apache on my 
mac. So I beseech you, the Swish-e community, to assist me please. I 
hear rumours that people have gotten this to work; I've even heard 
multiple stories of it happening in actual production environments. 
Mine's just not behaving. On my test machine I get an error that it's 
missing zlib (which it shouldn't be), and on the big server I just get 
either a 404 error, which is baffling, or I get an error that the script 
didn't return any headers. Both of those error messages are pretty 
useless to me.

If anyone out there has gotten this setup to work, would you please let 
me know how it was done, and what steps I should take to make it happen 
for me?

Thanks very much,
- m a x

max stahl
senior developer, vsa partners, inc.
Received on Fri Nov 10 13:13:59 2006