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description returns a null value please help

From: izzliya hussain <izzliya_h(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 08 2006 - 05:24:12 GMT
  im using windows and in swish-e codes $description this returns a null value i checked with swishdescription and $description_prop even these returns a null value. in my search i want to get a small description for each search on the screen. 
  my templatedefault is this
  my $description_prop = $results->config('description_prop') ||;
   # my $description_prop = "what is this?";
      my $description = '';
    if ( $description_prop ) {
        $description = $this_result->{ $description_prop } || 'No description found';
    return <<EOF;
        <dt>$this_result->{swishreccount} <a href="$this_result->{swishdocpath_href}">$title</a> <small>-- rank: <b>$this_result->{swishrank}</b></small></dt>
  and my configuration file is this:
IndexDir C:\SWISH-E\example\docs
IndexContents HTML .htm
IndexContents HTML2 .html 
StoreDescription HTML <BODY> 20
DefaultContents HTML
MetaNames swishdocpath swishtitle swishdescription
MetaNameAlias swishdefault title
PropertyNames description 

  i dont know what's wrong with these im very new to cgi/perl please help me on this

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