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Debugging swish-e to resove memory leak

From: Gertjan Hofman <gertjan_hofman(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 06:03:36 GMT
Hi Bill, 

Hope you are feeling better. I finally had an evening
to try to make some progress on why the 2.4.4 version
seems to eat as much memory as one can give it but
2.4.3 does not.

As running search engines isnt part of my job
descriptionI am trying this on my home laptop, which
also runs Ubuntu 6.06LTS.

My thought was that I would download CVS versions at
different dates and see when the problem starts to
occur. I ran into a number of problems, but let me
stick with one for now.
Ubuntu 6.06LTS comes with 2.4.3. I posted the conf
file earlier, but essentially letting it loose on a
directory containing  two 15 MB .xls files. Using the
-e option, it (Ubuntu's 2.4.3) barely takes more than
3% of my measly 446 MB.

I dowload the CVS tagged version 2.4.3, which I assume
is identical ? All .c files date from 2004.

With the exact same indexing options & conf file, it
grind the laptop with 2 Gb swap space to a halt.

What gives ? Any ideas why I can not build a 2.4.3
version that is identical to the Debian version ?
Could  it be related to running it from the build
directory ? Is it related to configure finding
different options (make check passes fine always). I
am kind of stuck - if I can't even build a version
that replicates the good behaviour of the Ubuntu



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