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Re: filters now run by fork/exec

From: Gertjan Hofman <gertjan_hofman(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 23:52:16 GMT
Hi Bill,

Looks good. Compiles, runs, and gives me the same
number of words indexed. I will let it run on the
entire file system tonight.  Thanks very much for the
prompt fix.

As far as -S prog is concerned, I could never get it
to work quite as I wanted. I have to go back and look
at the documentation & my files to see what the issue
was - it could just be lack of examples or something.
Or it is just my dislike of Perl.



--- Bill Moseley <> wrote:

> I updated filter.c to fork and exec the filter
> program where fork is
> available.  This should take care of all problems
> with weird or
> dangerous characters in file names.
> It would be great if any of you following this topic
> could cvs update
> and try it out.
> I didn't attempt using CreateProcess() on Windows as
> I have no way to
> test.  popen is still used.  All args are wrapped in
> double quotes and
> I'm not sure it's possible to have weird chars in
> Windows paths.
> Dave is testing the windows code.
> My dislike for FileFilter is why I wrote the -S prog
> method many years
> ago. ;)
> -- 
> Bill Moseley
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Received on Thu Oct 19 16:52:17 2006