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Re: SWISH-e on OS X - not completing.

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 16:46:24 GMT
On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 08:39:30AM -0700, Worth Bishop wrote:
> Problem:  SWISH-E does not seem to complete indexing large directory (2.1 
> Gb, 252 subdirectories, mostly MP3, MP4, m4a files of 1 to 15Mb) on Mac OS X 
> box.

What do you mean by finish?  It keeps running forever?  Is that due to
running out of memory during indexing, or from swish getting stuck in
a loop?  Can you attach with gdb and get a back trace?

Bill Moseley

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