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From: Erik Holm <EHolm(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 19:19:58 GMT
Thanks for the quick reply (Peter and David).

I see that I have file in lib\swish-e, should the '.in' be
there?  I'm a little thrown by that.  I did double check that ActivePerl
5.8 is installed - to be sure things were done in the right order I
uninstalled swish-e and reinstalled it, did not receive a message about
Perl not being there?

Is this as simple as copying to my cgi-bin directory and
renaming it to swish.cgi?


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On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 09:48 -0700, Erik Holm wrote:
> Now I am trying to implement swish.cgi within IBM HTTP Server (Apache)
> and can't really figure out the right way to do it.  I've found a
> of posts that tell you to use:

When you installed Swish-e did you get a warning that ActivePerl was not
installed?  You need ActivePerl 5.8 in order to install and use

If you have ActivePerl installed and Swish-e installed with Perl support
then you'll find swish.cgi in the lib\swish-e directory of wherever you
installed Swish-e.

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