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PHP API installation!

From: andy rosbrook <andy_rosbrook(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 10:21:09 GMT
Hi all,

Im having some trouble using the php extension, after searching the list 
archive i found the post linking me to the CVS folder for the php extension. 
I downloaded all the files within that folder but did not have php dev 
support to build the extension, so i installed:

and followed the installation instructions in the cvs:

$ phpize
$ ./configure --with-swishe=/usr
$ make
$ sudo make install

which generated numerous files in the directory, I beleive the one that 
swishe.php is after is the file? Which was installed into a 
directory called modules, so I make a small change to the start of 

if(!extension_loaded('swishe')) {

but still when i load up swishe.php in my browser i get the following:

Functions available in the test extension:

Module swishe is not compiled into PHP
Fatal error: Call to undefined function swishe() in 
/var/www/html/yalert/admin2/swish2/swishe.php on line 21

any ideas :(?


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Received on Thu Sep 28 03:21:19 2006