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Mandatory -f switch on Windows for searching?

From: Philippe A. <futhark77(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 13:28:59 GMT
I would like to know if anyone has encountered the following problem on

In my cfg, I have defined the path to my index file:
IndexFile c:\phil\work\index.swish-e

Indexing with the following command line works fine:
swish-e -c c:\path\to\cfg

Searching with the following does not work:
swish-e -c c:\path\to\cfg -w word

Swish reports:
Could not open the index file 'index.swish-e': No such file or directory

I tried replacing the backslashes for forward slashes in the cfg, that
didn't help. I have to explicitely specify the path to the index on the
command line.
swish-e -c c:\path\to\cfg -f c:\path\to\index -w word

I seem to remember I didn't need the -f switch when I tested on Linux over
the weekend. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

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