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Re: forcing meta values when indexing

From: Philippe A. <futhark77(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 18:53:37 GMT
> Why not put the resumes into the database so you don't have this
> linkage problem between the database and the resume?

Because I almost have a complete working swish solution :-) It's true I
could do that since I now know how to convert resumes to plain text. But I'd
still need a piece of software that does the searches with booleans and
such, calculate ranking, etc. Another thing I like from swish is its
built-in ability to parse xml and html docs. I don't have tools to convert
these formats at the moment. Good suggestion though. I may give it a try.

The one thing I have left to adress with swish is the incremental indexing.
I would really like to avoid full reindexing when docs are
added/changed/removed. But I'm not sure I want to use an experimental
feature, as I may not be on site to assist my users if a problem occurs.

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