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Re: MetaNamesRank

From: Cas Tuyn <cas.tuyn(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 08:01:03 GMT
I think it works in 2.4.3 what we're using.

I use

MetaNamesRank 10 title
MetaNamesRank 8 description
MetaNamesRank 6 h1 h2 h3

in an effort to promote structured html files over office and PDF
documents which tend to be much longer than the average html document,
but so far the office and PDF docs keep occupying the top ranks of the


On 9/10/06, Deane Barker <> wrote:
> Did MetaNamesRank ever get implemented?  I've searched for this answer, but
> I can't find a definitive yes or no anywhere in the list.
> I ask because I have indexed my content with MetaNamesRank enabled and
> without, and the search result ordering doesn't change at all.
> Here's what I'm using:
> MetaNamesRank 3 swishtitle
> MetaNamesRank 0 swishdefault
> MetaNamesRank 4 keywords
> Any thoughts?
> Deane
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