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Grouping additional MetaNames into swishdefault

From: Matthew Stanislawski <stnslwsk(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 02:02:42 GMT

I have some HTML files indexed.  Is there a way to add a MetaName to 
swishdefault, while retaining that MetaName's own separate Rank?  For 
example, if I have the following MetaNames and MetaNamesRanks defined in 

MetaNames keywords
MetaNamesRank 5 keywords
MetaNamesRank 0 swishdefault

I'd like users of our site's CGI web search frontend to be able to 
search for "blah" in keywords without having to specify "keywords=blah". 
  Is it possible to tweak my swish-e configuration to allow this, or 
will I have to add some query parsing on the CGI end?  I've RTM'd, but I 
could have missed something obvious.

Received on Tue Aug 22 19:02:48 2006