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printing swishdefault?

From: Keith Redfield <kredfield(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 14:14:43 GMT
This is, I fear a FAQ, but I can't find it.

My swish.conf is simple:

IndexDir ../bugtest

IndexOnly .html

MetaNames found_in fixed_in swishdocpath swishtitle Category Platform
PropertyNames Title swishdefault found_in fixed_in Category Platform
IndexFile ./sosbugs.index

I am using the perl module, and can print all the metas - except
swishdefault (these are small html files, so the 'snippet' in results
can be the file itself). I don't get an error, just no result trying to
output: $res->Property( "swishdefault" )

The obvious workaround is to simply open the file and print it inline
with the results, but I'd rather get it from swish.


Received on Wed Aug 16 07:14:45 2006