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Add link popularity to indexer

From: Cas Tuyn <cas.tuyn(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 14:04:41 GMT

We have implemented Swish-e via the spider method, and notice the
results are not ranked according to the most useful first. We already
gave extra points to the title, description and H1,H2,H3.

Every project in our company has a welcome page, with links to the
team members, background literature, project documentation, output
examples and deliverables. Ideally if people search for the project
name, they should find the project welcome page, but instead they find
the detailed pages below the project, because they mention the project
name more often, and have the project name in their title and
description too.

I already went as far to remove the descriptions from the underlying
pages, so that the welcome page would have a 8 point headstart, but
that's not enough to raise the welcome page to the #1 position.

Is there a way to import traffic server logs into the index results,
so that whatever is visited most, gets extra points?

We certainly do not want to emulate Google where popularity is based
on the amount of links into a page, because our intranet is a means,
not a goal by itself. Page owners must write down their knowledge, and
not worry about raising their or other people's pages in the search

One way could be that the distance from the spider home page which is
the indexing start point adds a multiplier to all results:
 - indexer start = times 6
 - level 1 = times 5
 - level 2 = times 4
 - level 3 = times 3

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions...

Received on Thu Jul 27 07:04:42 2006