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RE: Hit-highlighting of PDF files

From: Herman Knoops <hk.sw(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 09:53:59 GMT
> > You need a special filter
> > which creates the TXT-file and a second file (e.g. .LST) which holds all
> > page and character offsets of each single word. Then you can use the
> > TXT-file for Swish-E indexing. Now Swish-E and Acrobat see words and
> > characters in an identical way.
> Herman, can you point me to such a filter?  thanks, -Don

Since we couldn't find such filter either, we've built our own
solution, which is used in our commercial production processes.
So you'll understand it is not available for free.

Herman Knoops
Received on Thu Jun 29 02:54:06 2006