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Re: not ignoring content (leave those files alone!)

From: Linda W. (that's swishey, not squishey!) <swishey(at)>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 03:08:22 GMT
David L Norris wrote:
> Well, NoContents doesn't tell it to skip the file.  If you do want to
> skip the file you can create some FileRules in the config.  Or if you
> want to index only files with certain extensions then list them with
> IndexOnly.
	I'm ever so slightly confused.

I thought NoContents meant, don't look at the contents of files with
these extensions, but do index the filenames.  Guess not.

How do I get that behavior? I.e, I thought, ok, I want to be able to find
everything, so I thought I wanted to either Index a file or examine its
contents (htm,pdf,txt,xml...etc).

Seems like FileRules excludes files entirely from the index, where I had
hoped to index the filenames, but not process content for unknown file-types.

> It will still add the file to the index if there's a NoContents rule.  I
> don't recall exactly what gets added.  You can use -T debug options to
> see what is added to the index.
I'd thought that maybe I could include filenames in the index, so if I typed
in horse, and had files like "horse.wav", and "horse.gif", they'd pop up in the

It sounds like there is no easy way to do that (custom script would likely
do the trick...just hadn't gotten that far yet)(?)  I.e. I have to either
include or exclude a file, and NoContents implies not to index all words
that are found, but only certain keywords (like Title).

Stumbling off to a great start; bouncing from one misconception to the
Received on Sat Jun 10 20:08:23 2006