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sample getting started .conf file?

From: Linda W. (that's swishey, not squishey!) <swishey(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 22:59:18 GMT
I didn't see one in the documentation, but is there a
sample swish-e.conf file that would work for indexing
one's local docs and files?

In the absence of a config file, it appears the default is
to treat all files like HTML and to index all file types
with that assumption.

I went to the swish-config man page, but it isn't real
helpful if one just wants a simple intelligent default as
a starting point to try things out.  Or is it expected one
will become acquainted with the entire swish-config document
before starting?  That seems daunting for my "Hello World"

Thinking something along the lines of the example conf files
included with samba, squid, where they provide a starting example
or starting point while at the same time documenting possible

Something like:
<Index content only of file types I tell you about>
<assume htm/html/HTM/HTML  are  html>
<assume txt  is text>
# uncomment next line if you have pdftotext installed:
# FileFilterMatch pdftotext "'%p' -" "/\\.pdf$/"

# must preprocess compressed or packed files to index them
preprocToStdin   .gz gunzip
preprocToFileOrDir   .tar using "tar xf %file"

# uncomment next line if you have word doc filter installed
# FileFilterMatch catdoc "'%p -" "/\\.doc$/"

Sorry if I missed this somewhere...

etc, etc...
Received on Wed Jun 7 15:59:21 2006