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From: Quintana, Alex <AQuintana(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 15:40:30 GMT

I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered a situation where the =
entire file is listed in the search results instead of just the normal =
description with the most important sections?

It's not a consistent problem which happens all the time given the =
criteria in which it occurs. It seems to happen with certain queries, =
and while at first I thought it only happened on indexed PDF documents, =
it also happens on HTML ones as well.

When it does happen, it's always the last result it happens for and it =
only happens on searches that are one page in length.

Here is a search that reproduces the problem. It reproduced it for me =
right now, but it doesn't always happen. Also I should note that this is =
using swish.cgi .. I renamed the file to in an esearch =
directory so that our web designers wouldn't have to change the links on =
thousands of pages. I've searched in google for this to no avail.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Alex Quintana
Web Programmer

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