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Perl API - searching for nothing

From: andy rosbrook <andy_rosbrook(at)>
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 11:08:58 GMT
Hi all

I'm just wondering if there is a way to essentially search for nothing? I 
have a tool that emails out search results every week and updates some web 
site indexes every week. I'm just wondering if i can enter a search term 
that will return all the urls that were indexed? So in my email it would be 
a list of urls that were successfully indexed.

For example, searching google for site: would return all 
the indexed pages that google holds for the swish home page!

I know i could do this by looking at the index output, just wondering 
weather it is possible through a search term? I've tried to search for 
nothing but that didnt work!

thanks in advance

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Received on Wed May 24 04:08:59 2006