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Re: Proximity for Swish-e/SwishCtl

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Fri May 12 2006 - 18:32:57 GMT
On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 07:06 -0700, Herman Knoops wrote:
> We've added some required features:
> - wildcard support for "?" (exactly one character)
> - proximity search support with variable distance
>   (e.g. bike near50 car)


> We've also modified SwishCtl.dll (Windows) slightly to:
> - let it work in an ASP-environment on IIS (4.0 or higher);
> - let it run smoothly from CD/DVD, without msgboxes
>   and without registry access

Can SwishCtl be run by a normal user instead of an Administrator?  One
of the registry problems was that the DLL had to be registered by an
Administrator before it could be run.

> - removed several dependencies (zlib.dll and atl.dll),
>   so now just SwishCtl is sufficient, for a search-only
>   solution

Adding ASP support and dropping the ATL requirement sound like great
improvements.  I'll see about getting those changes integrated.

I think the ATL dependency is why I couldn't build using the MinGW32
compiler.  Perhaps I'll be able to provide SwishCtl along with the
Windows builds again.

 David L Norris
  ICQ - 412039
Received on Fri May 12 11:33:04 2006