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search for a subset of documents

From: Andreas von Keitz <Andreas.von.Keitz(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 16:46:09 GMT

we have implemented an SSL-encrypted website where the data sets are
subdivided into 8 user groups. The pertinent files are structured in 8
subdirectories. Each of these directories is indexed separately. The search
for documents can thus easily be limited to one directory only. It is also
possible to perform a search simultaneously in several directories.

Our customer now wishes to implement the access rights for further users in
a more detailed mode. For this purpose, the search for documents in one
directory must not provide all documents as the result, but only documents
with specific attributes.

Is it possible to provide an attribute for each document during the
indexing process? Can this attribute then be used during the search to
define that the user will find only a part of the documents? Which
alternatives are available?

Thank you by advance

Andreas von Keitz
Received on Fri Mar 24 08:46:14 2006