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Indexing DB data

From: Julian Perry <jules(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 12:55:38 GMT
Hi, maybe someone could help ... I have checked the info
on the web site but not got quite what I'm after ...

We have a product database (about 1.5m products) - currently
in Oracle, in simple terms, like this:
- product_id
- price
- description
- category
- shop_location

So a query might be:
- find all products including the words:
   "green hat" where shop_location is
   "england" and category is "clothing"

The free-text searching element is not suited to Oracle
and so I was considering a structured query perhaps
using meta-tags?  I was figuring that I could define
price, category and shop_location as meta-tags.

I would guess there is no way to do a price range,
as in:
- products between 20 and 50 dollars
Is that right?

Another question ... if I want to spit out data
from Oracle and effectively build a dummy page
for each record for swish-e to then index - is
that feasible for 1.5m records?  I guess I would
use something like from prog-bin?

Thanks for any tips.
Received on Wed Mar 22 04:55:43 2006