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Re: Swish mailing list broken?

From: Roy Tennant <roy.tennant(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 15:38:06 GMT
The mailing list is not "broken", as there are any number of reasons  
why such requests to be removed are not acted upon by the software.  
In any case, I have removed you from the list. In the future, a  
simple google search turns up this page: < 
discuss.html> which lists who to contact (me) in case you have  
trouble with the list.

On Feb 22, 2006, at 7:01 AM, David Brooks wrote:

> Hi,
> I've tried to unsubscribe my email address from this mailing list  
> more than
> once, but I haven't been removed. Is there a problem with the server?
> Regards,
> DaveB
Received on Wed Feb 22 07:38:07 2006