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Trouble finding indexed words

From: <Mike.Fountain(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 18:36:21 GMT
Can somone explain what I'm doing wrong here?

I use the following command to see what is in my index:
swish-w -k a

And the following is a snip of the results:
accessible accessing accompanying account accounting accovia accurate

But, when I try to search for the word accovia, I get the following:
/www/swish$ swish-e -w accovia
# SWISH format: 2.4.3
# Search words: accovia
# Removed stopwords:
err: no results

If shows up as an indexed word, shouldn't a word search be able to find it?

The word accovia should only only show up in the docpath, since it only
appears in the name of a file.  The contents of the file cannot be indexed,
so the filename is the only and only place the index can read it from.

I'm thinking perhaps I'm just missing something on the search command.

In my swish.conf file, I have the following set:
MetaNames keywords description swishdocpath

If I don't have the swishdocpath set, then it never finds the word.  If I
do have the swishdocpath set as a MetaName, it indexes it, but I can't seem
to get it from a search.
Received on Thu Feb 2 10:36:45 2006