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RE: Description, again

From: François Tissandier <francois.tissandier(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 14:24:07 GMT
>you'll get the most help here if, as Bill said, you post your config file.

Ok sure:

IndexFile tebu_website.idx
IndexReport 3
obeyRobotsNoIndex YES

IndexOnly .htm .html .php 
IndexContents HTML2 .htm .html .php
SwishProgParameters /home/root/swish-e/spider1.config
IndexDir ./
FuzzyIndexingMode Stemming_en2

PropertyNames title
PropertyNames description
PropertyNames categorie1

MetaNames description keywords year

MetaNamesRank 10 swishtitle
MetaNamesRank 7 description

StoreDescription HTML2 <body> 100
Received on Fri Dec 16 06:24:08 2005