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Re: problem with search.php under win 2003 server

From: Williams, Paul <p.williams(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 11:50:40 GMT
Hi David, thanks for responding.

>Which search.php is this?

Sorry, it is the search.php3 from SWS 1.0.1

>have you changed $debug=0; to $debug=4; in search.conf?  That should
>tell you exactly why it isn't working.  Or at least show you enough
>information to explain it.

I've tried this but no errors are revealed. The script still returns the
search web page with the search term cleared (errors have also been set
to show in the php.ini). The only additional thing I've noticed since my
first post is that the web page title returns empty double quotes i.e.
'Simple Search for "" - Microsoft Internet Explorer'.....not much help

At this point I should state that I'm not a coder. Normally though I can
work through basic PHP stuff without too much aggravation, it is however
easily possible that I'm overlooking something embarrassingly obvious in
the configuration. It's also in the back of my mind that it may be a
2003 Server/IIS6 issue, however, all other php stuff works fine.

Sorry that there is little information to work with. I'm going to plug
away at the problem for the next couple of hours to see if I can come up
with something more constructive to work with.

Thanks again, Paul
Received on Tue Dec 6 03:50:42 2005