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Re: IndexContents and StoreDescription for doc PDF PPT XLS files

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 02 2005 - 23:07:25 GMT
On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 01:44:46PM -0800, David Larkin wrote:
> More by luck than judgement I found that the following works, although i don't claim to understand why.
> IndexContents HTML* .htm .html .shtml .pdf .doc .ppt .xls

You are saying .htm .html, etc are all indexed as content HTML (uses
the HTML parser to handle that content)

> StoreDescription HTML* <body> 20000

And then you are saying for any content parsed by the HTML parser,
save 20000 chars of the <body> content in the swishdescription

Bill Moseley

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