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Re: PDF or postcript docs ?

From: David Larkin <david.larkin(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 18:55:31 GMT
> > Do I really need to install lots of 3rd party tools ?
> Yes, unless they are already installed.  Most are very easy to install
> on most platforms.  Just keep reminding yourself swish-e is just a
> tool, not a complete search "solution."

I realise that 3rd party tools are required for filters etc.

I meant , is it necessary in order to get a copy of the documentation ?

Is it necessary to install swish-e , and 3rd party tools simply to get a copy of documentation in .pdf ?

why can't it be on the website ?

It seems reasonable to me that someone might want to read documentation before deciding they want to install and use it, or might not have a machine to install it on.

make pdf does nothing for me .... very frustrating

> > Can i not download the pdf from somewhere ?
> There used to be pdf and ps but we didn't add that feature
> when redoing the site.  But they are all pod, so pod2text | lpr
> should work, I'd think.  Or install on your laptop and save the
> paper.
Received on Thu Dec 1 10:55:42 2005