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Seeking (paid) help installing and getting SWISH-e working on my site

From: itsme213 <itsme213(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 18:53:58 GMT
I hope this is not an inappropriate posting. I am looking for help ...

I have a directory on my web site I want to index and offer a search 
facility. The web host runs Free BSD, and I have SSH access.

I am looking for someone who knows Swish to help get it set up, leaving me 
(a) a Swish configuration file and a command line I can use to re-index; and
(b) a search page on the index; and
(c) [optional] some basic pointers to what css files to customize appearance

I have downloaded and used swish on my (Win XP) machine via command line, 
but don't have the skills/time to get it all working on the web host. I am 
guessing it is a piece of cake for someone who knows what they are doing. 
The content is static, generated on my Win-XP machine, so it may be possible 
to build indexes on that machine and then upload the index and updated 
content to the web host if the indexes file is cross-platform.

Please email me directly at itsme213 (at) hotmail {dot} com if you are
interested, and we can talk details, terms, etc.

Received on Thu Nov 10 10:54:00 2005