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Re: swish-e -e require more memory than 900Mb

From: Nikolay A. Panov <author(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 14:33:28 GMT
Peter Karman wrote:

>it's not the size of the file, it's the number of files.

I suspect that, it is a great pity :o(

> I have to
>question why you would be trying to index a single file?

No single file -- but all files of documentation on my disk.
In particular -- 400Mb chm file, that has been unpacked to more than
gigabyte of HTML text.

>Unless it's the output of another program and you are inputing with -S

Yes, of course this is not entirely file but output of my little script
'catchm' (extract all HTML files from .chm and 'cat' theirs to STDOUT).

>In that case, the size of the file shouldn't matter, since the file
>is 'split' according to the header of each 'doc' within the file.

Well. I should to rewrite catchm for output by little bits of data.


..Spell checker error - not enough mana to cast spell...
Received on Mon Oct 3 07:33:37 2005