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compress routine

From: Stefan Klett <s_teve(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 08:58:55 GMT
Hi ,

While trying to build a compress routine alongside the 
compress.c:compress3 for a table consisting of strings (arrays of unsigned 
char) - it seems that i 
ran into some trouble in determining was compress3 _exactly_ does (too 
many casts - what is  a correct output on a given input (formats ?) ). It 
shows that i can't encode a string in that way that 
uncompress2 is able to read the length and the actual string from the 
index header. What i need is a compress routine that acomplishes to write 

a) the position (index)
b) the length (of the string entry)
c) the string itself 

to an array that could be used by  DB_WriteHeaderData to store it in 
the index header for future search runs of swish-e

Any suggestions ?

best regards + many thanks in advance
Stefan Klett
Received on Mon Jul 4 01:59:14 2005