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Re: swish-e 2.4.3 windows 2003 iis success!

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 18:56:04 GMT
On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 11:45 -0400, Revillini, James wrote:
> I've located catdoc.exe,, and  When I use the PM
> files as the filter and run the indexer, it opens the pm files up in
> word pad!  I then tried passing them as parameters to perl; i.e.
> FileFilter .doc "perl.exe
> e:/swish-e/lib/swish-e/perl/swish/filters/"

Filefilter directives on Windows should look something like this:
  FileFilter .doc catdoc.exe '-s8859-1 -d8859-1 "%p"'

The lib/swish-e directory is the first place Swish-e looks for external
programs. is a front end to SWISH::Filter that works with

As Bill suggested, the best way is to use with -S prog
method. also uses SWISH::Filter but it only has to load it
once instead of once per document.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039
Received on Wed Jun 22 11:56:06 2005