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swish.cgi under Apache 2.0 and mod_perl 2.0

From: Juan Salvador Castejón <juans.castejon(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 08:34:48 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to run swish.cgi using Apache 2.0 and mod_perl 2.0 but I'm
having problems with the Apache modules used inside swish.cgi. These
modules belong to Apache 1.x version (I'm totally new to Perl) or at
least it's what they seem to me. I modified the CGI to use Apache 2
modules and solved some problems but I'm finally stucked with this
errot when the cgi is invoked:

Usage: Apache2::RequestRec::new(classname, c, base_pool_sv=Nullsv) at

Obviously, this is because of the changes I made to the script. These
changes are:

 1.- Add this: "use Apache2:RequestUtil;"
 2.- Replace all Apache::Constants::OK() by Apache2::Const::OK()
 3.- Uncomment and modify line 507 as request_package     =>
So the question is: what should I do to get the script work? Is there
any version ready to use with Apache 2.0 and mod_perl 2.0?

Thanks a lot.
Juan Salvador
Received on Thu Jun 16 01:34:56 2005