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Re: Tuning ranking manually with MetaNamesRank

From: koszalekopalek <koszalekopalek(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 20:14:27 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> First hit is README.  Perfect.  

Well... I think
is better but that's not worth a flamewar :-)

> You want swish-e, a free ten year old program maintained by
> a very small number of volunteers to work like Google?  

No, I want it to beat the giant ;-)
Actually it is already much better than Google for what
I've been doing with it. The Perl configuration file for
the spider is so cool. I can parse HTML before it is
indexed. I can leave out parts of the document that I
do not want to index (menus, etc.). I can populate the
configuration hash with thousands of URLs in a single
loop. Those URLs are accessible only thorugh a search
form and Google will never find them, (and I cannot
change that because I do not maintain that website) etc.
Google sucks ;-)

> You can buy a
> google appliance for a few ten thousand dollar bills and get the
> google ranking if that's what you really want.

Ok, sorry if what I wrote did not sound nice for some
reason. I was just thinking how ranking could be measured
(and improved) -- and what's wrong with looking at the
big guy?


> Swish is designed for indexing web sites and small collections of
> documents.  "indexing" is the word there.  You search for
> "documentation" it's not going to say "He really means he wants the
> docs", it's going to look for files that contain that word.  Ranking is
> very basic, so it really helps to be able to enter in a query that
> works -- type in "segfault with merge" and you might find things
> related to your question.  Type in and you might get the
> docs for the spider, but more likely the discussion of since
> it's a vague request.  But, "documentation" is too generic of a search
> term.  Don't try "swish-e documentation" because "swish-e" is going to
> be in almost every doc.

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Tylko 35 gr/min bez zdrapek i przedplat... 
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Received on Thu Jun 9 13:14:28 2005