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Re: Tuning ranking manually with MetaNamesRank

From: koszalekopalek <koszalekopalek(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 18:38:59 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> I briefly looked at that demo.  That looked more like a feature
> outside of the search, not a way to make things rank high.  That is,
> when you do the search also checks for a mapping for those keywords
> and places that at the top of your search results.  Kind of like ad
> placements.

Maybe I should start a new thread for that but anyway..

Go to and type in "documentation". The link to the main 
documentation page ( is not the 
first hit (I thought it was 5th or something, but now it's not even on 
the first page -- maybe the index was regenerated?)

Now go to Google and search for:
It gets it right. is listed as 
the first hit.

Why Google gets it right? Maybe
A) Their ranking algorithms are more sophisticated.
B) It simply has more data available to do the ranking.

Someone might have posted a page somewhere saying "check swish 
documentation" and linked it to 
Because they index the whole web they can know that this particular URL 
is likely to be the main documentation page for swish. (That also 
reminds me of a well know incident here in Poland -- a lot of people 
linked 'moron' to a website of an MP so when you searched Google for 
'moron' that website was the first to come up -- even though the word
moron was not used at all)

Now, when I saw that Google search device demo and that particular 
keywords feature I thought, "aha, on the intranet that web-wide index is 
not avaialble, so they need those keyword-url pairs to be entered 
manually to make the ranking more accurate." You are right it looks just 
like those keyword ads on their page (but I thought it kind of helped to 
locate the relevant information).

Anyway, that "documentation" example indicates an issue. Imagine a 
company that produces 'foo' and they have a special start page dedicated 
to 'foo' and that page does not come on top when you search for 'foo'. 
Google can get it right based on links from _external_ websites that 
link to the 'foo' page.

For swish I thought the ability to tweak the search manually, just for 
selected keywords, would be nice (and this is what I thought Google was 
doing in that demo). My script does exactly that. When I clean it, I'll 
post it to the list.

Thanks for your help again,

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Received on Thu Jun 9 11:39:02 2005