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Re: force config reread ?

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 12:16:26 GMT
If I understand correctly what you're asking, the answer is that swish-e doesn't 
read the config file when searching. Only when indexing. It's been on the TODO 
list awhile to support config file for searching.

The docs claim that "The same character translations take place when searching." 
I assume that means that the translation table is stored in the index, but I 
don't see that anywhere. Perhaps Bill can enlighten us.

Stefan Klett scribbled on 6/9/05 5:12 AM:

> Hi,
> While testing my extensions to TranslateChars i observed the following 
> behavior in evocing swish-e (the complete command line follows below)
> My Extensions rely on a initial call to parse_conffile:getdefaults
> -all works nicely in processing the first call (the indexing)
> but my version of TranslateChars fails- because it lacks its lookuptables 
> correctly filled in. By putting in a puts(blah) at the beginning of 
> getdefaults  i found out that there is 
> no call to initial call to getdefault in  case of the search-command.
> The results are crippled lacking their umlaut chars/strings completely
> (because the tables are empty)
> Anyone around to give me hint why this is like it is - and hopefully an 
> easy way round it :-) ?
> Here are the commands in detail:
> cat ./indices/xopac.0.xml.lst | /home/klett/bin/swish-e -c 
> /swish-e/opac.conf -S prog -i stdin
> bin/swish_wordlist ./indices/.opac.0.index
> /home/klett/bin/swish-e -c ./swish-e/opac.conf -f ./indices/opac.0.index 
> -w 'Titel=öffentlich' -s Jahr desc Kurztitel -x 
> '<Titel_IDN>|<Kurztitel>\n'
> Thank you  a lot in advance
> Stefan

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Thu Jun 9 05:16:28 2005