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errors migrating index to another host

From: Brandon Hall <swish-e(at)>
Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 14:24:30 GMT
I have swish-e 2.4.3 installed on an x86 machine running Debian
Linux.  I have been able to create and search web indexes on this
machine without any problems.

I also have access to a web host that runs NetBSD (DEC Alpha).  This
host does not have a site-wide installation of swish-e, so I
downloaded the 2.4.3 sources and built them in my local directory
space.  I then copied one of my indexes over from the Linux host, and
am receiving the following error when I try to run queries on it
(from the NetBSD alpha machine):

$ swish-e -w foo -f index.library
err: Index file error: File "index.library" has an unknown format.

I md5sum'ed the two index files and verified they are identical.

My NetBSD build config was

$ ./configure --prefix $HOME/local --disable-shared --with-zlib --with-pcre

Any ideas what is going wrong (and how to fix it)?


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Received on Mon May 30 07:24:32 2005