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The search is returning the hard drive location of the search ter

From: Holbert, Todd <THolbert(at)not-real.NCIS.NAVY.MIL>
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 09:08:20 GMT
I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I have not been able to locate any
solutions in the forums. I'm using the swish-e for an intranet. When I do
the search it is returning the location as file:///c:/Intranet/test.html
instead of the http location.

I am running swish-e version 2.2.2 on IIS with perl
The index file is very simple:

IndexFile C:/intranet/swish-e.index
IndexOnly .htm .html

when I run the command c:\bin\swish-e -S http -c conf\test.config

The output is:
indexing data source: "http-crawler"
indexing "http:/"
returned 0
returned 0
removing very common words...
no words removed
writing main index...
err: No unique words indexed!

So I changed the config file to:

IndexFile C:/intranet/swish-e.index
IndexDir C:/intranet/
IndexOnly .htm .html

I run the command c:\bin\swish-e  -c conf\test.config it indexes everything
in the directory, which I guess is what it is supposed to do. But when I do
a search on the website it returns the search location to
file:///c:/Intranet/.. instead of

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks
Received on Thu May 26 02:08:23 2005