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excel and powerpoint filters show too much info for title

From: Nick <newsgroups(at)>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 17:52:01 GMT
I am now using SWISH::Filter, and I have come across a big annoyance.

When I get results for a word document, I get what you would expect:
1 test-word.doc -- rank: 1000
    Last Modified Date:	2005-05-09 10:48:15 CDT
    Document Size:	20
Path:	/Systems_Instrumentation_Electrical/Business/Temp/test-word.doc

But when I search for excel or powerpoint documents, I get this:
1 Sheet1 -
v.1536 -- rank: 1000
    Last Modified Date:	2005-05-09 10:48:00 CDT
    Document Size:	489
Path:	/Systems_Instrumentation_Electrical/Business/Temp/test-excel.xls

1 /home/shared/Systems_Instrumentation_Electrical/Business/Temp/Test
powerpoint document.ppt -- rank: 1000
    Last Modified Date:	2005-05-09 10:48:45 CDT
    Document Size:	333
    Document Path:	/Systems_Instrumentation_Electrical/Business/Temp/Test
powerpoint document.ppt

I don't want anyone to see the full path, since that part of the path
should be stripped off (the /home/shared shouldn't be there).  I would
prefer that these both worked as the word one does.  Any idea how to go
about doing that?
Received on Mon May 9 10:52:02 2005