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Re: lucene/plucene

From: Roman Chyla <chyla(at)>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 15:37:18 GMT
You know java well, do you?

> My favorite indexer is swish-e. Quick. Easy. Well documented. Feature 
> rich. Comes with a Perl API as well as API's for other languages. The 
> query syntax is straight forward.

> As the amount of content I plan to index increases I begin to need an 
> incremental indexing feature. I also need multi-byte character 
> indexing. Lucene/Plucene offer these features at the expense of greater 
> complexity. Lucene/Plucene is 100% a toolbox, no application. It does 
> not index files, but rather data structures. This means I can not point 
> it to file system and have it automatically extract the meta data, 
> content, etc.

what is the most missing feature in swish? (maybe general question to 
all, another part of religious war ;)

for me it si multi-byte support

in Lucene, I would probably miss the speed and the great shining 
friendliness of Swish

> What experience do others here in Swish-E World have with 
> Lucene/Plucene?

it took me several hours to compile non-demo Lucene, the path to jars or 
something, very strange for the first time

Received on Mon May 9 08:37:19 2005