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Perl API : Getting the search time

From: CheHax <chehax(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 16:30:47 GMT
Hello there,

It's me again, and this time I'm writting a PERL asp script to avoid
using the swish-e.exe directly and to be able to run concurrent
searches ;)

I am wondering : is there a way to get the time it took for the search
such as the number of hits.

I use :
my $hits = $results->Hits;
and I am looking for something like if ever it exists :
my $time = $result->TimeTaken;

Otherwise, what's my solution ? Run a timer in my PERL script starting
before the search and ending right after it ?

Thank you
Received on Wed Apr 20 09:30:50 2005