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Re: memory errors

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 14:03:44 GMT
again, please cc: the list.

the error message is coming from mem.c.

Bill will have to look at this; I have no idea where to start.

Василевский Сергей scribbled on 4/7/05 10:09 AM:
> I use $results->NextResult to get data
> and save in perl hash only 10-100 results needed for display 
> result page.
> I think if error message 
> 	err: Ran out of memory (could not allocate 262144 more bytes)!
> created in SWISH::API, then trouble in search or in process search results
> from API function. 
> I use 5 indexes and result use merge although I don't known help you it.
>>>>>May be use search from perl require much more memory than 
>>>>use from command line?
>>>>depends on what you're doing. Are you using swish.cgi? or a 
>>>>custom app with the 
>>>SWISH::API call from perl.
>>Bill will answer this more intelligently than me. Until then, 
>>you get my dumb 
>>Perl API shouldn't use appreciably more memory than swish-e 
>>binary since Perl is 
>>using the same C library that swish-e is. I would guess that 
>>whatever you *do* 
>>with the results (save to a Perl hash, etc) is where the 
>>memory difference would 
>>come in, since Perl is notoriously greedy with memory.
>>I can only suggest the typical Perl debugging strategies:
>>use warnings
>>use strict
>>use Devel::Peek (for memory debugging)
>>try and limit your tests to a small set of docs or small set 
>>of results and use 
>>lots of print() or warn() statements to help tell you where you are.
>>I've never had a problem with running out of memory using the 
>>API; I think your 
>>guess about user limits is probably right; check with your 
>>sysadmin (unless you 
>>are the sysadmin, in which case check yourself and then check google).
>>Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Fri Apr 8 07:03:44 2005