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linking directly to files on network drive

From: Nick <newsgroups(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 17:02:51 GMT
I am looking for a way to search our file server (MS active directory).  I
know I should be able to setup a web server on the file server and have
the search engine crawl through the web site.

However this presents an annoying issue:  If the user want's to modify the
document and save it, they will have to locate it again manually.  Also if
a user opens a lot of documents, this way their temp dir won't get filled
up.  It would be nice if I could also have another link like "open
containing folder" to open the containing directory in windows explorer.

I am wondering if there is some way to have the links reference the shared
drive directly, so that when a document is opened, the user can just hit
"save" and it will save it back in the original location.

All the clients would be running some form of windows (2k & up).  The file
server is running windows server 2003, and the web server for swish-e can
be either windows or linux, but I prefer not to run it on the same box as
the file server.  Pretty much all the clients will be using IE, but I
would like it to work with firefox too.

I am messing with file:// links, but this doesn't seem to work well.  It
appears to be security related, since the browsers will open the link if
you put it in the address bar manually, but not via a link.

Received on Wed Mar 30 09:02:51 2005