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Re: memory problems

From: Thomas Angst <tangst(at)>
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 00:50:20 GMT
Bill Moseley schrieb:

>I checked in a fix.  Again, use TXT2 instead.  Just as fast when
>indexing nothing.
>If you are trying to index just the path names you will need to set
>the No-Contents: 1 header, otherwise swish will assume the document
>is empty and bypass it.  Or use the locate utility, as was suggested.
>BTW -- thank you for providing a complete test case.  Makes it so
>much easier to debug.
No problems, and thank you to for your fast support too. I'm using now TXT*.
Now I have some other strange errors. While swish-e is indexing I'm 
getting this kind of errors:

input conversion failed due to input error
Bytes: 0x81 0x6E 0x67 0x65

a lots of them, about 7000 or so. And I can't see them, if I am parsing 
only the files without piping to swish-e.
Does you have any Idea what this can be?

Received on Sat Mar 19 16:50:26 2005