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zlib uncompress error. A solution?

From: Carmelo Carchedi <c.carchedi(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 09:55:23 GMT
I have 36781 xml files in 37 directory.

inside every file there is a tag called <bancadati> that for this set of 
files is valued to 1:


when I compose a search with  "-w bancadati=(1) "

the result is:
Warning: Failed to uncompress Property. zlib uncompress returned: -5. 
uncompressed size: xxxxx buf_len: -yyyyyyyyy

searching with other tags is ok.

Under Linux all is ok,
The problem is Under windows.

I use swish-e 2.4.2 but i see the same problem with 2.4.3

if I use a single index file i see the error, BUT with 2 index files 
(20.000 and 16781 files) , the problem it seams solved.

Maybe there is a range of files that cause a zlib fail. Becouse I have 
other sets of file with the same tag, but without problems and with more 
than 36781 files.

Sorry for my bad english.


Carmelo Carchedi
Juniorbit Sas
via Bramantino 9 - 20155 Milano
Received on Thu Mar 17 01:55:23 2005