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Thesaurus code

From: Finlay Thompson <finlay(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 22:49:28 GMT
Hi Everyone

Im new to this list, and to swish-e in general.

I have implemented some basic Thesaurus code, and patched it into the 
swish.cgi script.

Has anyone else done this sort of thing ?

The swishcgi.conf file has an extra setting like:

    thesaurus => {
        package  => 'SWISH::Thesaurus',

and the query words are replaced using code:

    if (my $thesaurus = $self->config('thesaurus')) {
        my $thesaurus_object = $thesaurus->{package}->new();
        $query = $thesaurus_object->expand_query($query) if 

I would welcome any comments, suggestions.

Received on Wed Mar 16 14:49:29 2005