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From: Gunnar Mätzler <maetzler(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 09:25:59 GMT
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Hello again,

as i mentioned before i use swish-e c-library with the index files stored
on cd-rom.

I found out that this creates some different problems, because when
searching from cd-rom you have to avoid file access on all costs,
otherwise you will have a VERY slow performance.

Well, i am quite happy with the btree version here, because it helped me
to reduce search time from minutes to seconds. The problem is still the
missing "numerical" search, because the -L option is still quite slow.


In my application i have to do a number of single searches (e.g.
name=smith, city=boston, -L age 20 35) which have to be combined to an
overall result in the end. I have to do it this way, because people want
to know how many entry with name=smith are in the database, how many
entries with city=boston are in the database etc.

Up to now i searched for name=smith. Then i searched for city=boston. Then
i searched for name="YYYY" -L age 20 35, and finally i searched for
name=smith and city=boston -L age 20 35 to get the combined end result.

Well as i am still trying to speed up things i thought it should be
possible to make the "andresultlists" function available in the c-library.
So i should be able to skip the final search for the end result and just
"and" the single results together.

Here's what i tried to achieve this:

	DB_RESULTS *db_results;
	DB_RESULTS *db_results2;
	RESULT_LIST *new_list;
	RESULT  *cur_result;
	db_results = results1->db_results;
	db_results2 = results2->db_results;

	//Doesn't work if this hasn't been done before calling andresultlists
	db_results->resultlist = sortresultsbyfilenum(db_results->resultlist);
	db_results2->resultlist = sortresultsbyfilenum(db_results2->resultlist);

	db_results->resultlist =

	//After andresultlists totalresults has still the old value
	//so i have to get the new number of results
	cur_result = db_results->resultlist->head;
	//if i do this, it crashes when i try to access higher numbers in the
    	while ( cur_result )
        cur_result = cur_result->next;

	//so i have to call sortresults again
	results1->total_results = sortresults( results1 );

    return results1;


I am not really happy with this solution, because it didn't have the
speedup effect i expected.
I think right now, this is because i have to sort the results threetimes.

Any suggestions anyone on

a) why i can't access the results when i fill total_results within the
while loop?
b) how to avoid the sorting before and after the call to andresultlists?

Best regards

Gunnar Mätzler
Received on Thu Feb 24 01:26:07 2005